Appointment of a new member in Johan Lundberg Oy’s Board of Directors

We are very proud to inform that Mr Jari Kaukonen has joined Johan Lundberg Oy’s Board.

Jari is currently the Chairman of International Society for Trenchless Technology (ISTT) and has devoted much of his career to No-Dig-technologies in many roles. ISTT has currently 28 member nations worldwide.

”Long experience as contractor and working in different major Finnish design companies has given Jari huge perspective to this business, not to mention his big contact network in Finland and around the globe. We are looking forward to work with Jari to improve our offering and services as special consultants in No-Dig installations”, says Jukka Huusko, managing director of Johan Lundberg Oy.

Jari is indeed one of the very first users of No-Dig technology in Finland, starting as a project manager as early as 1982.

Jari’s comment: ”My heart has always been beating for No-Dig technologies ever since I got to know it almost forty years ago. I look forward to our common journey towards No-Dig sky with the leading Nordic No-Dig expert team. In our country, we could much more utilize Johan Lundberg Oy’s expertise and not base the decisions on feeling when facing the design challenges that the construction and renewal of municipal engineering brings. I believe that all network design projects should explore the possibility of exploiting trenchless technology, which is always smarter and more environmentally friendly and almost always cheaper.”

For more information please contact:

Jukka Huusko,, phone +358 40 759 0043

Jari Kaukonen,

Johan Lundberg Oy on itsenäinen ja riippumaton suunnittelutoimisto kaivamattoman (No-Dig) tekniikan alueella.

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